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【A-PAD Philippines 】Emergency Assistance in Areas Affected by Typhoon Vamco

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【A-PAD Philippines 】Emergency Assistance in Areas Affected by Typhoon Vamco


Typhoon Vamco, developed on November 12, has caused enormous damages across the Bicol region in southern Luzon, Philippines. Last month, the Philippines’ north-eastern region was hit by the strongest typhoon of the year, Typhoon Goni. In Bicol, Typhoon Vamco left 32 villages flooded and landslides were reported. Strong winds knocked down trees and power lines were cut. 200,000 residents living along the coastal areas and lower lands have been forced to evacuate.124973758_3123995711033524_7642493532913548880_o

A-PAD Philippines’ regional platform began fundraising immediately after the onset of the disaster and provided relief items to the affected areas.


A-PAD Philippines is on standby in anticipation of disasters and coordinates with regional platforms to provide relief items to affected areas promptly. On November 9, A-PAD Philippines’ staff member, Cris Binas arrived in Naga, Bicol, and began assistance activities in areas hit hard by the storm. A-PAD Philippines is working with two civil society organizations in Bicol, Que Rico and Hayag, and implementing NPO Partner Projects.

In response to this deadly crisis, A-PAD has disbursed 1 million yen (approximately USD9,600) in emergency funding and is providing relief items to 1,400 households in Albay and Camarines Sur Provinces.


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