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【A-PAD Philippines】 A-PAD Hosts National Platform Meeting

Updates from Philippines

【A-PAD Philippines】 A-PAD Hosts National Platform Meeting


On October 11 – 12, A-PAD Philippines hosted a National Platform (NPF) Meeting in Manila.

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23 partner organizations in the healthcare sector gathered together and discussed their experiences and lessons learned from recent disasters. The participants highlighted how various actors can work together for emergency medical assistance. image_6483441 (3)

 Guest panelists included:

  • Counsellor and Health Attaché Dr. HORI Kazuichiro (Mr.) 
  • Second Secretary NISHIMURA Tokiko (Ms.)
  • Maria Cynthia P. Pelayo (Deputy Assistant Secretary/Executive Director Office of Civilian Security Department of Foreign Affairs)
  • Bernadett P. Velasco (MD, FPCEM, Director of the Health Emergency Management Bureau (Department of Health)
  • Hector Santos (MD Vice President Philippine Medical Association)