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Sri Lanka

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Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management Sri Lanka

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  • Firzan Hashim

    Country Director(A-PAD Sri Lanka)

Core Activities

  • The A-PAD in Sri Lanka has prioritized on district-level disaster management in an attempt to compliment the mitigation efforts of the whole country with platforms. We are committed to assisting national efforts in disaster response through a civil society–private sector partnership. A-PAD Sri Lanka was activated immediately in assisting the relief operations where members contributed with food, clothing and other items of importance for the victims.
  • A-PAD Sri Lanka was formally launched on the 20th of August 2014 at the Kingsbury in Colombo, with many member organizations in attendance.
  • A-PAD responded to the following disasters in Sri Lanka:
    • Drought – In August 2014, over a million people were affected in 8 districts
    • Landslides in Meeriyabedde – In October 2014, over 63 buildings were buried with many people and a displacement of over 5000 people
    • Floods – In December 2014 torrential rains and overspill of reservoir affected 1.1M people in 22 districts
    • Garbage Dump Collapse – In April 2017, more than 30 peoples were died and displacement of over 1700 people.
    • Floods and Landslides – In May 2017 more than 200 peoples were died and over 717,000 people were affected in 11 Districts.
  • In each of the response the membership increased along with the resources and A-PAD created a long due platform where private sector, civil society and the government came together in response.

Contact Information

  • Address:

    24 Kassapa Rd. Jawatta, Colombo – 7, Sri Lanka

  • Phone:

    +94 11 2502192

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