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Sri Lanka

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Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management Sri Lanka

Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies

The Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies (CHA) is an association of agencies working in, and supporting work in, Sri Lanka. CHA functions as a network of humanitarian agencies and has developed a fully-fledged Secretariat with its own specific capabilities.

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce

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  • Jeevan Thiagarajah

    Co-Chair, A-PAD Sri Lanka
    Executive Director of the Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies Ltd

    Chairman/Board of Management – Institute of Human Rights (1994 to date), Executive Director – Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies (1996 to date), Member – Board South Asia Foundation, Sri Lanka

  • Suresh Shah

    Co-Chair, A-PAD Sri Lanka
    Chairman of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce

Core Activities

  • The A-PAD in Sri Lanka has prioritized on district-level disaster management in an attempt to compliment the mitigation efforts of the whole country with platforms in the districts of Colombo and Hambantota already active. We are committed to assisting national efforts in humanitarian response through a civil society–private sector partnership. A-PAD Sri Lanka was activated immediately in assisting the relief operations where members contributed with food, clothing and other items of importance for the victims.
  • A-PAD Sri Lanka was formally launched on the 20th of August at the Kingsbury in Colombo, with many member organizations in attendance.
  • A-PAD responded to the following disasters in Sri Lanka:
    • Drought – In August 2014, over a million people were affected in 8 districts
    • Landslides in Meeriyabedde – In October 2014, over 63 buildings were buried with many people and a displacement of over 5000 people
    • Floods – In December 2014 torrential rains and overspill of reservoir affected 1.1M people in 22 districts
  • In each of the response the membership increased along with the resources and A-PAD created a long due platform where private sector, civil society and the government came together in response.

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