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【Floods in Western Japan】Health check service and Relief efforts continue


On July 11, the joint (A-PAD Japan/CF/PWJ) team provided water, T-shirts, socks, underwear and hygiene items to the four evacuation centers in Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture, where water has been cut off. A total 34 boxes (2lters X6 bottles) of water and clothes were distributed to the evacuees at Dream Seseragi, a long term care health facility which was partially inundated, but has been used for the flood affected residents voluntarily taken shelter. We would like to thank the Saga Shimbun and LAWSON to provide the relief items.

“Houses of many staff at Dream Sereragi were flooded and damaged. But, the staff are coming to the office, working on cleaning the building and helping evacuees to settle in their facility, ” said Kaori Neki, Chief Operating Officer at Civic Force (CF).
Relief July 11

At So Elementary School where more than 200 people are taken shelter, our medical team is providing a health check service for the evacuees. “Many people have been suffering from heat stroke, exhaustion, and diarrhea. They are away from their comfortable homes and are in a new environment. Also the extremely high temperature causes heat-related disease,” said a doctor who has visited the shelter each day.
It has been hot and humid with a temperature higher than 35 C during the day.
Health Servce July 11
The officials in charge of the shelters asked the medical team to continue the health check service, and in collaboration with other doctors and nurses from other prefectures and NGOs, A-PAD Japan/CF will keep checking health of the evacuees.

The needs of the disaster affected people change every day, and it is crucial to evaluate the needs daily and respond to them in time. In a few days, we will start sending volunteers to help with debris clean-up in the flood-hit areas and staff to provide the recovery support to the local business owners.

A-PAD and Civic Force are committed to providing an efficient and effective response to the disaster- affected areas and “saving more lives in less time.”

If you would like to take part in our efforts, please contribute to Global Giving Project or A-PAD Japan. Your donation can help us save more lives. We appreciate your continued support!