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Hope Bridge-Korea Disaster Relief Association

Hope Bridge-Korea Disaster Relief Association was established in 1961 through cooperation among broadcasting agencies, newspaper companies and social organizations to help communities affected by disasters. Hope Bridge, founded by volunteers to respond to the needs of victims of natural disasters, is the only legally incorporated organization authorized by the Korean government to provide relief goods and funds to victims of natural disasters in Korea. With half a century of experience in emergency relief and related activities, the organization has separated its disaster response efforts into domestic and overseas divisions, and is providing relief appropriate to type of disaster, location and people affected.


  • Young-Jin Park

    Chairperson, A-PAD Korea
    Secretary General of Korea Disaster Relief Association

    Director of the Corporate Alliance Program, UNICEF Korean Committee (2010-2012), External Relations Officer, Administration and Finance Director, UNICEF Korea Committee (2002-2010), Fundraising Director, UNICEF Representative office to Korea (1991-1993), Marketing Manager, UNICEF Representative office to Korea (1986- 1990)

Core Activities

  • Emergency relief activities: By cooperating with various organizations from different sectors such as NGOs, governments and media, we collect donations, provide relief goods and distribute the donations to the disaster victims.
  • Funds raising and allocation: We have continued to raise funds and donations and to distribute them to help people affected by a disaster to overcome difficult times.
  • Relief goods support: To provide efficient relief, we prepare emergency kits ahead of times and store them in Relief Logistics Centers that are operated by Hope-Bridge-KDR for quick and systematic distribution.
  • Educational programs: We provide disaster preparedness education programs and disaster relief volunteer training courses.
  • Overseas emergency relief programs: We support and help victims of natural disasters around the world by providing them with funds, goods and volunteers dispatched from Korea.

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