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【A-PAD Sri Lanka】A-PAD Provides Technical Assistance for Operational Guidelines “Access to Examinations Amidst Disasters”

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【A-PAD Sri Lanka】A-PAD Provides Technical Assistance for Operational Guidelines “Access to Examinations Amidst Disasters”


In Sri Lanka, the Grade 5 Scholarship examination is a stepping-stone for primary school students and the G.C.E. Advanced Level (A/L) Examination is a notable and significant hurdle for collegiate level students. It is a significant landmark in a student’s life, whereby he/she embarks on the preliminary steps towards a career path. Equally significant are the travails of the teachers and parents on the children.

The Grade 5 Scholarship and A/L examinations, although scheduled to be held in 2021, were periodically postponed due to the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, taking into consideration the prevailing conditions, the Department of Examinations (DoE) rescheduled the examinations for early 2022. Accordingly, the 2021 Grade 5 Scholarship examination will take place on 22nd January 2022 and the A/L examination will take place from 7th February – 5th March 2022.

In view of this, the Disaster Management Centre (DMC), in consultation with the DoE, took the initiative in formulating “Access to Examinations amidst Disasters”, a document which has been a fixture in the national education system since 2019, and encompasses guidelines and operational plans in conducting examinations during intersecting disasters. In furthering this mission, A-PAD Sri Lanka has been providing technical support since 2019.

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The Grade 5 Scholarship examination will test 350,507 primary students and the G.C.E. A/L examination will test 345,242 students and private candidates, sitting for the examinations at over 6,000 centers. For the period of the exams, 38 educational divisions have been established while over 50,000 officials and invigilators will ensure the conduct of examinations.

The wellbeing and safety of the children is of the highest priority and cannot be emphasized enough. Recognizing the significance of emergency preparedness, keeping in mind the pandemic as well as the coinciding northeast monsoon period (Dec-Feb), the guidelines and directives will coordinate plans and facilitate execution in securing students during the exams. 

As such, A-PAD Sri Lanka takes this opportunity to sincerely thank the People of Japan and the ODA (Official Development Assistance) – Embassy of Japan in Sri Lanka, in supporting the publication and preparation of this guideline book.


 “Access to Examinations amidst Disasters”, was presented to Maj. Gen. Sudantha Ranasinghe (Director General, DMC) by Mr. Firzan Hashim (Country Director, A-PAD SL) in the presence of Mr. Sunil Jayaweera (Director of Preparedness and Planning, DMC) for effective circulation. Thereafter, the document will be officially submitted to the Commissioner General of Examinations at the Department of Examinations.


The document can be accessed via