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【A-PAD Sri Lanka】 A-PAD Hosts Disaster Management Training Program

Updates from Sri Lanka

【A-PAD Sri Lanka】 A-PAD Hosts Disaster Management Training Program



At the invitation of World Vision Lanka and the Disaster Management Centre (DMC), A-PAD SL conducted a training program for the Village Disaster Management Committee Members of Nanattan DS, Mannar. The course revolved around the safety and security of the members and further instilling the need to be aware and prepared to face sudden and recurrent interruptions. The target group was identified by the District Disaster Management Centre Unit (DDMCU) in close coordination with World Vision Lanka and technical expertise was provided by A-PAD SL. All safety standards and health guidelines issued by the Government of Sri Lanka related to the COVID-19 virus were followed. The following topics were given special focus in keeping with existing capacities of the participants and emphasizing personal safety:

Introduction to safety and security, Personal safety, Partnership safety, Community safety, Health safety, Creating a safety and security plan.