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【A-PAD Sri Lanka】 SAR Refresher Training

Updates from Sri Lanka

【A-PAD Sri Lanka】 SAR Refresher Training


The A-PAD Sri Lanka Search and Rescue (SAR) Team underwent its first refresher training on March 18th, 2023, for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Japan (MoFA-J) project year 2022/2023 at Mount Lavinia Beach  to revisit SAR skills in accordance with international standards. A total of sixteen (16) SAR personnel from the private sector were trained to ensure adequate practice is administered to maintain international skill levels and performance. The A-PAD team worked in close coordination with Sri Lanka Life Saving (SLLS) to facilitate smooth conduct. 

Day 01 (Preparation) – 17th March 2023

  • – In preparation for the Refresher Training, A-PAD staff worked closely with focal points from each organization to ensure the participation of all those invited. Invitations and an Operations Note were disseminated via email to all participants via their respective focal points.
  • – All SAR equipment were inventoried and packed by A-PAD staff following a prescribed list curated to the refresher training as advised by A-PAD International SAR trainers.
  • – The required equipment were delivered to the SLLS Head Office in preparation for the training and were stored in a safe and secure manner.

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Day 02 (SAR Refresher Training) – 18th March 2023

  • – The SAR team members registered at the SLLS Head Office at Mount Lavinia Beach. All participants were assigned their respective training gear, took a safety briefing, and performed a warm up exercise. 
  • – The welcome address was delivered by Mr. Rajiv Meewakkala, the CEO of Lion Brewery PLC, following by Mr. Firzan Hashim, Country Director of A-PAD SL, who thanked the participants for their attendance and provided a briefing of the training. The ceremonial session concluded with a group photograph and then the Refresher Training commenced.
  • – The team performed a variety of drills including throw rope rescue, human chain rescue, IRB boat capsize, water rescue and paddle board rescue. These drills aimed to foster teamwork  and further refine their skills. In addition, participants practiced individual techniques such as offence swim, defense swim and crocodile turns. 
  • – Participants enjoyed refreshments at a recuperation area arranged for health and hygiene purposes.
  • – At the closing ceremony, Mr. Rajiv Meewakkala awarded certificates to the SAR training participants.