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【A-PAD Philippines】 A-PAD Deploys Two Additional Staff

Updates from Philippines

【A-PAD Philippines】 A-PAD Deploys Two Additional Staff


After making landfall on December 16, Typhoon Rai has caused deadly damages in the Philippines. Local authorities reported that the worst natural disaster of 2021 has left at least 375 dead, 500 wounded, and 380,000 people displaced.


A-PAD Philippines began mobilizing the regional platform partners in Eastern Visayas, Central Visaya, and Mindanao immediately following the disaster, however, the full extent of the damage has not yet been determined due to radio wave interference. On December 22, A-PAD Philippines deployed two additional staff members from Manila to Ormoc in Eastern Visayas to set up a disaster response coordination desk. Based in Ormoc, A-PAD Philippines plans to receive donations (cash, in-kind) and coordinate distributions. 

A-PAD Philippines is also working with the Davao Chamber of Commerce and preparing for provision of emergency tents, drinking water filters, and solar panels in southern Mindanao. Hygiene kits, generators, tarps, and food items will also be distributed and the residents are expected to be displaced for some time.

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A-PAD Philippines is accepting donations:

A-PAD Philippines’ regional platforms are also working with local partners to raise funds and in-kind donations from local businesses: