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【Indonesia Earthquake】 A-PAD Delivers Safe-drinking Water

Updates from Indonesia

【Indonesia Earthquake】 A-PAD Delivers Safe-drinking Water


Two weeks since the deadly earthquake in Indonesia on November 21, 2022, A-PAD Indonesia’s Anton Purnama sent a message to our supporters:

“Thank you for your generous support from Japan to Indonesia. On December 1, 2022, I visited evacuation centers in two villages heavily affected by the earthquake. In this area, 80% of houses were destroyed and many residents lost their belongings. Without their homes, the victims are taking shelter using tarpaulin and garments. The evacuation centers are only equipped with latrines and minimum hygiene facilities but there are no adequate water tanks and distribution system available. People are forced to use unsafe water and many are experiencing water-borne diseases. 



As a prolonged evacuation is anticipated, we determined that a clean, hygienic environment is the most urgent need, and in response, A-PAD began providing safe water. In partnership with a local university, aid organizations, disaster management center, and local government, A-PAD is connecting distribution pipes from a water source for hand-washing stations and latrines.  

Distribution pipes can be used for the long-term and A-PAD is trying to provide sustainable assistance work.”