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【A-PAD Indonesia】 Java Island Earthquake – Donations Now Accepted

Updates from Indonesia

【A-PAD Indonesia】 Java Island Earthquake – Donations Now Accepted


A powerful earthquake struck the Indonesian island of Java around 1:20PM local time on November 21, 2022. At least 268 people were killed with over 1,000 more injured.

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the earthquake originated from Western Java. Many people have been transported to hospitals and are being treated outside of hospital buildings. Search and rescue teams have been looking for people trapped under collapsed buildings.

In response, A-PAD Indonesia is providing emergency relief assistance and our local partner organization, Doctor Share, is setting up make-shift clinics and treating injured residents. With equipment such as tents in short supply, A-PAD Indonesia is procuring tents to install additional clinics in several affected locations. The team is also preparing needs-based relief packages.

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In September 2018, 2,000 people died in the Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami.

Please donate and support the people of Indonesia.