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【A-PAD Bangladesh】 DRR Trainings for Women

Updates from Bangladesh

【A-PAD Bangladesh】 DRR Trainings for Women


A-PAD Bangladesh aims to improve local women’s disaster preparedness and mitigation knowledge and skills. In November 2023, A-PAD hosted DRR trainings in two regions with 45 female participants. 
Bagerhat and Patuakhali districts, located along the coast, are disaster-prone areas and are hit by cyclones every year. The two-day training focused on women, who are more likely to be in a vulnerable situation when disasters occur, to enable them to evacuate quickly in an emergency.

On day 1, the participants discussed a scenario based on a cyclone with the government’s cyclone preparedness program team. 


On day 2, a simulation focused on fire and addressed evacuation and how to act during emergencies. Evacuation training is held regularly to avoid panic. The training also demonstrated how to save a child during a water disaster and first aid.

Women’s empowerment is essential to creating disaster-resilient communities. A-PAD Bangladesh will continue to conduct training and awareness activities to protect people’s lives during disasters.

This project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan’s Grant Aid for Japanese NGO Projects.