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【A-PAD Bangladesh】 Drill Exercise at Two Middle Schools

Updates from Bangladesh

【A-PAD Bangladesh】 Drill Exercise at Two Middle Schools


In March 2023, A-PAD Bangladesh hosted a drill exercise at two middle schools.


On March 19-20, A-PAD Bangladesh’s local partner, Community Initiative Society (CIS), hosted a disaster drill exercise for 45 middle school students in Patuakhali District in southern Bangladesh.

Located in a disaster-prone coastal area, Patuakhali is highly vulnerable to natural disasters and has experienced devastating cyclones in the past. Unfortunately, during disasters, support for children is often overlooked. The drill exercise included a discussion with the students and highlighted the importance of disaster preparedness.

The drill exercise also provided a training session on efficient evacuation. In Patuakhali, where cyclones and floods are frequent, the session was held to share case examples of having to evacuate to a safe place. CIS also discussed with the students on what to do and not do during emergencies.

On March 28-29, CIS also held a drill exercise at a middle school in Chittagong in Cox’s Bazar.

This project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan’s Grant Aid for Japanese NGO Projects.