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Introducing Asia Pacific Alliance
for Disaster Management


【A-PAD Philippines】 Staff Interview


A-PAD has a diverse group of staff with various backgrounds and expertise. Today’s article features A-PAD Philippines Executive Director, Athea Penaloza (Chikai)


  1. How long have you been working for A-PAD?

Total 7 years. I left in 2016 after joining in 2015, I came back to A-PAD Philippines in 2018.

  1. How did you start working for A-PAD?

I previously worked at an NGO supporting women and children, but I joined A-PAD because I wanted to be involved in disaster response work. The Philippines was struck by many large-scale disasters from 2009 to 2013, including super Typhoon Haiyan, and through those experiences I felt the importance of risk management during disasters, and I have always wanted to do something about it.” 

  1. What keeps you motivated about working at A-PAD?

At A-PAD we can create innovative initiatives by interconnecting various sectors in the region, such as locally-based small and medium-sized enterprises, and leveraging their respective strengths.

  1. Where does your nickname, Chikai, come from?

It was a long time ago, but in the Philippines, “Chicks” was once a popular nickname for women, and my father used to call me “Chicks”. That changed to “Chikai” and continues to this day.

  1. Any final remarks?

I feel happy and proud to work as a member of A-PAD. I believe that A-PAD’s advocacy work on disaster risk management and emergency assistance not only has an impact on local communities, but also on society as a whole. We have much to learn from the experience of Japan, which is prone to disasters, and we would like to continue to work together with colleagues in Japan and other Asian countries to engage in disaster relief activities