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【COVID-19】 Distance Learning for 3,000 Children in Sri Lanka


A-PAD Sri Lanka will support the education needs of 3,000 young students living in rural areas of Sri Lanka affected by COVID-19. The students will be provided with past education materials (last 10 years) focusing on core subjects and supported by teachers via phone or small team classes adhering to COVID-19 prevention protocols.



Since February 2020, the novel coronavirus has spread through Sri Lanka, prompting the government to issue a lockdown. Schools have suspended operations, and in response, e-learning initiatives have gained momentum. However, only 47% of Sri Lankan households with children under the age of 18 have access to a smartphone or computer, and only 34% have internet access. Children in rural areas do not have equal access to these online education initiatives so a practical solution must be provided.


A-PAD Sri Lanka proposes to minimize this gap by assisting children living in rural areas to qualify in the national level examinations. Through the provision of past learning packets in core subjects, young students with little or no access to online learning will be prepared for the exams and instill confidence. In consultation with education authorities, A-PAD Sri Lanka has identified target beneficiaries and core subjects needing to be taught. Teachers will also provide support via phone.

Long-Term Impact

Consultations with education authorities have found this to be a practical method to bridge the gap in students’ current learning opportunities that have been limited by COVID-19. In addition to help students without internet access and electronic devices catch up in their studies, the learning packets produced can also be used again in the future, providing a valuable resource to young students.