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【A-PAD Indonesia】Emergency Relief Assistance in Heavy Rain Affected Areas


Due to heavy rain at the end of last year, Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, and the surrounding areas have been experiencing flooding and landslides. According to the Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management, as of January 5, 60 people are dead, 2 people are missing, and over 92,000 people have been evacuated.

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A-PAD Indonesia and its member NGO, Aksi Cepat TanggapACT began emergency relief assistance immediately after the onset of the disaster. In Jakarta, A-PAD distributed food items to 1,000 people. In addition, A-PAD dispatched a doctor to Lebak Regency, Banten Province which borders Jakarta, and provided medical services to the victims.

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In Lebak, A-PAD is working with volunteers to remove mud from flooded houses.

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Last year, Japan also experienced a series of rain-related disasters and the importance of efficient information sharing has been reemphasized. In addition to the assistance activities mentioned above, A-PAD Indonesia is using a disaster information portal website, DisasterChannel* and providing up to date information on disaster responses.

Indonesia is currently in its rainy season and similar rain-related disasters may happen again. A-PAD is continuing to support the victims of the disaster by providing timely and much needed support.

DisasterChannel is a disaster-related information portal site implemented by A-PAD and funded by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of strengthening managing disaster-related information.