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More than 1,000 families served in Sorsogon, Philippines through Typhoon Rammasun relief


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As emergency response to assist those affected by Typhoon Rammasun in the Philippines, APADM released 30,000 USD to Philippine representative Citizens’ Disaster Response Center (CDRC) on July 24th. The typhoon affected 7 regions including Metro Manila, and left more than 100 people dead or missing and hundreds of thousands of families displaced.

In Bicol region, poor families struggle to rebuild their homes despite meager resources ? relying on loan sharks or living temporarily in makeshift homes. Most of the affected families and communities suffered significant losses from their primary source of income. For example, farmers suffered from the loss of their agricultural crops.

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CDRC together with its regional center TABI (Mutual Aid for Bicol) surveyed the most vulnerable among the affected in Sorsogon province, Bicol and utilized APADM’s emergency response funds to conduct disaster relief assistance to 12 communities in the municipalities of Prieto Diaz and Juban. The affected families have expressed several needs during this emergency situation, and it was concluded that immediate necessities were food items such as rice, beans, dried fish, cooking oil, sardines, and sugar as well as non-food items such as water container.











Volunteers were mobilized and these items were procured and repacked quickly in the span of a few days. The relief packs and water containers were distributed to a total of 1,183 households from July 31 to August 4. The response was aimed at helping the most vulnerable victims cope with the situation and prevent further deterioration of their lives.

APADM utilizes existing local networks in order to achieve its objective of delivering timely and effective disaster relief in Asia Pacific. For this reponse, CDRC and TABI coordinated with the local government unit (LGU) and other members of civil society.?The Mayor’s office of Prieto Diaz municipality facilitated the coordination meeting with the community leaders and provided the free use of their truck for hauling of goods. The LGUs of Prieto Diaz and Juban also mobilized their personnel to assist in the delivery and distribution of goods and served as marshalls and coordinators. In addition, TABI coordinated with the local Catholic Church who provided the Parish Church as venue for the repacking of goods as well as with the Sorsogon People’s Organization (SPO), a province-wide CSO, who provided volunteers.