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Introducing Asia Pacific Alliance
for Disaster Management


Nepal earthquake response: NGO, businesses, governmens – Cross sector collaboration to deliver more efficient aid


A-PAD has been collaborating with its members from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Japan, and other in order to respond in Nepal after the devastating earthquake through search and rescue of missing persons , medical support, and distribution of relief goods among others. In addition, the A-PAD/Peace Winds Japan’s joint team deployed to the field immediately after the earthquake, collaborated with local partner?ISAP (Institution for Suitable Actions for Prosperity) and distributed relief goods in the mountainous regions where aid has not arrived.


In addition to understanding of the government, in order to have efficient procurement and transportation of relief goods, collaboration and cooperation with businesses and local organizations that go beyond sectors is indispensable. Our joint team worked on repacking relief goods through the cooperation of local NGO ISAP, local volunteer organizations, as well as Motherhouse, Ltd. (headed by CEO Eriko Yamaguchi), a Japanese company selling general merchandise goods and providing consultation on the quality, production and planning of goods such as apparel. Motherhouse provided the space in Kathmandu for our staff and volunteers to repack the goods.


Motherhouse’s Vice President Daisuke Yamazaki said “Our Nepalese staff and their families have been affected by this earthquake. Disasters will occur again in the future. Through collaboration between businesses and NGOs, I believe we can do many things together by sharing our knowledge with each other for example.”


Susmita Maskey (aged 35), who is a social activist and was the first Nepalese woman to have climbed the world’s Seven Summits, also participated in the repacking. She coordinated about 30 volunteers and said “After the earthquake I individually conducted activities such as rescue work and debris clearing. I am not caught up in my own organization’s work and now I feel strongly about helping as many people in Nepal as I can.”

Susmita Maskey ススミタ・マスキさん

Based on the needs assessment, we decided to put 25 kilos of rice, 4 kilos of lentils, 1 kilo of salt and 1 liter of cooking oil in each relief pack. The packs will be distributed to 500 households in Khubinde village in Sindupalchowk district, where because of the remoteness of the location, aid from the government and other organizations have yet to arrive.

A-PAD is working to provide effective and efficient aid, collaborating with other sectors and grasping the needs on the ground. Your support will go to helping people recover more quickly. Make a donation.