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【A-PAD Sri Lanka】 A-PAD Hosts International Symposium “Crisis in Crisis”

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【A-PAD Sri Lanka】 A-PAD Hosts International Symposium “Crisis in Crisis”


On August 30, 2022, A-PAD Sri Lanka hosted an international symposium titled “Crisis in Crisis” in the city of Colombo. 150 in-person attendees and people online participated in the event.

Japanese Ambassador Hideaki Mizukoshi gave remarks at the symposium, “As a close ally, Japan will continue to support Sri Lanka in crisis.”

Panel discussions were led by leaders from the private sector, international organizations, and NGOs. The panelists engaged in lively discussion and the audience had the opportunity to ask questions.

Sri Lanka is facing many challenges in the midst of the current economic crisis. Participants echoed the idea that this crisis can be an opportunity to bring the nation to a better change and that the government and the public need to work together. 

A-PAD Sri Lanka continues to work with various actors using the partner platform and supports Sri Lanka in disaster assistance.


A-PAD’s Senior Advisor, Mr. Nobutaka Miyahara

This symposium was featured on the local television broadcast: