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Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management Korea(A-PAD KOREA)

The Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management Korea (A-PAD KOREA) was established in November 2016 as a platform in Korea for the A-PAD alliance, in order to facilitate cooperation among NGOs, business sectors, and governments when disasters happen.

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  • Jung MI-jeong

    Chairman,A-PAD Korea

Core Activities

  • Emergency relief activities: By cooperating with various organizations from different sectors such as NGOs, governments and media, we collect donations, provide relief goods and distribute the donations to the disaster victims.
  • Funds raising and allocation: We have continued to raise funds and donations and to distribute them to help people affected by a disaster.
  • Overseas emergency relief programs: We support and help victims of natural disasters around the world by providing them with funds, goods and volunteers dispatched from Korea.

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    8th floor, Seosomun-ro , Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

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