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【A-PAD Indonesia】 A-PAD Hosts Disaster Assistance Outlook Forum

Updates from Indonesia

【A-PAD Indonesia】 A-PAD Hosts Disaster Assistance Outlook Forum


May 16, 2023, A-PAD Indonesia hosted the Disaster Resilience Outlook Forum in Jakarta. The event was attended by more than 85 people including online participants.

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In disaster-prone Indonesia, there are many actors who are actively working to improve disaster resilience throughout the region, but there are still many challenges to ensure proper disaster preparedness. The theme of the forum was “Towards a Measurable Resilience: Challenges and Starting the Work” and various businesses, NGOs, local governments, and universities gathered.

First, Indonesia’s National Agency for Disaster Countermeasure (BNPB), which oversees disaster response in Indonesia, shared information on recent disasters and updated on the current state of Indonesia. The person in charge of the Economic Coordinating Agency then took the stage to explain the mechanism and movement of the Indonesian government’s disaster prevention response.

This was followed by Session 1 “Understanding the need and challenges of measuring resilience” and Session 2 “Strategy for building a feasible and effective resilience measurement system”. Participants then discussed building and implementing an effective resilience measurement system and what kind of strategy is needed including the role of each stakeholder and cooperation mechanism.

During the last session, the participants discussed multi-sector commitments. A-PAD will compile the stakeholder inputs and discussions and develop a multi-sector action plan for disaster prevention and mitigation. A-PAD aims to promote wider multi-sectoral engagement.

This project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan’s Grant Aid for Japanese NGO Projects.