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【Floods in Western Japan】Doctor in First Grade Classroom


“Doctor, could you take a look at my foot?, ” said a boy showing his bandaged foot to Dr. Inaba who has set up his desk in a classroom of 1st grades in the evacuation center each day at So Elementary School where more than 200 people have taken shelter in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture.

First Grade

The boy was injured his fingers of right foot when he tried to flee from his flood-hit home and all he did was to bandage them until today. Dr. Inada treated his foot fingers and said to the boy, “no more bandage! Make sure that you keep your foot clean and dry.” It has been hard for the evacuees whose houses were damaged or destroyed and who have been suffering from heatstroke and exhaustion. Some evacuees were in tears while talking to Dr.Inada.

Dr. Inada

“In the emergency health and medical service, it is critical for the medical aid staff to remain one place (evacuation center), rather than to patrol various shelters,” said Dr. Inaba.
As many of the evacuees lost their homes and it is hard for them to see the future and to plan the recovery, having doctors whom they can consult with at any time makes the survivors feel at easy.
Dr. Sakamoto
Today, July 13, Dr. Sakamoto, the head of Saga University Hospital Trauma and Resuscitation Center (SUSTAR) joined the A-PD Japan/CF medical team led by Dr. Inaba who has been in the rescue and relief teams from the last weekend when the heavy rain hit the western areas of Japan. As a member of Japan Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT), Dr. Inaba provided emergency health aids in the aftermaths of 2011 East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and Kumamoto Earthquake. The two doctors with other medical team members discussed to develop a health and medical support structure for the survivors who need home-based special care, a management system at the evacuation centers with the health service.

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