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【Floods in Western Japan】 Rescued patients and staff at Mabi Memorial Hospital


On July 8, the Search and Rescue team of A-PAD Japan/Civic Force/Peace Winds Japan including a medical doctor using a helicopter and boats continued searching for people isolated and waiting for rescue from rooftops or higher floors in the Mabicho, Kurashiki City in western Japan.

Hospital rescue

The A-PAD team with Japan’s Self Defense Forces in inflatable rescue boats rescued 35 patients and staff member who were unable to flee from Mabi Memorial Hospital, while the others with the medical doctor on the helicopter transported a critically ill patient and a nurse to Okayama University Hospital. The rescue operation by air was conducted in collaboration with Humanitarian Medical Assistance (HuMa).

Hospital rescue 2

Staff at A-PAD Japan/CF are conducting need assessments at the four municipal shelters where more than 3,500 people evacuated in Mabicho, Kurashiki City and will try to deliver items needed and emergency supplies such as stocks, underwear, diapers, tooth brushes and hygiene items to the evacuees as soon as possible.

A-PAD is committed to providing efficient and effective response to the disaster affected areas and “saving more lives in less time.”

If you would like to take part in our efforts, please contribute to Floods In Western Japan. Your donation can help us save more lives. We appreciate your continued support!