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A-PAD Sri Lanka Response to the Floods and Landslides in Sri Lanka



The heavy rainfall and adverse weather in Sri Lanka, the number of deaths reported has increased to 193 while 94 persons have been reported missing. Affected more than 500,000 individuals while more than 19,068 families have successfully been moved to the safer locations.

A-PAD Sri Lanka ( response primarily in coordination to save lives and then to provide relief coordinating with the Ministry of Disaster Management and Disaster Management Centre (DMC) in the Emergency Operation Centre.

Mission on the 26th of May along with Officials from Disaster Management Centre (DMC), National Building and Research Organization (NBRO), Irrigation Department along with a media personnel and A-PAD Sri Lanka flew around the country to understand the real situation of floods and how much it has affected the land which were previously not discovered in the initial reports. This effort supported the Search Operators in scheduling their route plans on the ground.

The speed in which the team was put-together and logistics arranged for immediate take off was possible due to the international and local networks. Pre-planning via A-PAD platform enabled to respond faster (

Whilst the weather now has come to a controlled situation, A-PAD has started its mission towards both short and long term plans in terms of early recovery, livelihoods and education revival.