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【Kumamoto Earthquake】Joint emergency team provides tents, toilets, shower booths


Two weeks after devastating quakes struck communities in Kumamoto and neighboring Oita prefectures, powerful aftershocks and mudslides caused by heavy rainfall have rendered more than 27,000 buildings uninhabitable forcing some 37,000 residents into emergency shelters. As moving evacuees into temporary housing is likely to take some time, authorities are reported to be concerned about the spread of communicable diseases should evacuees have to spend long periods in crowded, unhygienic conditions in emergency facilities. Many evacuees have opted to camp out in cars to avoid spending time in the shelters.

A-PAD Japan and its partner organizations (Civic Force and Peace Winds Japan) have been working jointly, assessing local needs, distributing emergency supplies, and erecting tents to serve as temporary shelters. The joint team has put up 36 such tents, many of which are being used by families with pets. The joint team members make regular daily visits to the families to inquire about their health, assess their needs and respond to individual concerns. Among the amenities the team has provided is a corner where evacuees can recharge their mobile phones and an area where they can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee.

In response to the needs of evacuees living in overcrowded conditions in shelters and families camping out in cars in parking lots, the joint team set up on Friday (April 29) ten additional tents about 4 kilometers north of the gymnasium in Mashiki, the town most seriously affected by the quakes. As of the present time, seven families have come forward asking to be moved to the tents. As more such requests are expected, the joint team has set up temporary toilets, shower booths as well as sinks and wash basins near the tents. The team is preparing to erect more tents and to bring in additional emergency supplies.

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The joint team will continue to monitor conditions in the affected areas and to respond to the needs of evacuees. A-PAD and its partners greatly appreciate the interest that has been shown in the team’s relief work and look forward to the continued support of individuals and organizations.

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