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Nepal Earthquake: A-PAD/PWJ team begin emergency relief and SAR operations


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On April 25th, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck Western Nepal. The earthquake has cause massive damage and the government reports that hundreds have died. Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management (A-PAD) immediately went into action and deployed a team to Nepal the day after the disaster to assess the damage and needs on the ground and conduct emergency response.

At the same time, A-PAD’s members in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have also decided to deploy their representatives to Nepal.

The joint team arrived in separate groups in Kathmandu on April 27 and 28 and immediately coordinated with the focal point rescue team as well as local entities on the ground. PWJ’s SAR team and dogs did not lose time in conducting urban search and rescue in the vicinity of collapsed buildings.

Meanwhile, A-PAD’s assessment team are coordinating with local organizations NSET and others to determine the affected areas outside of Kathmandu and a way to get there and assess the needs of the communities.

A-PAD works with its local partners who connect your support with the affected communities on the ground. Your donation can help save lives.

For the latest updates on this emergency:

May 7 – Food pack distribution for 500 families in a mountainous region

May 6 – NGO, businesses, governmens – Cross sector collaboration to deliver more efficient aid

May 5 – Bangladesh team provides medical care in affected areas

May 4 – Bringing aid to the remotest areas

May 3 – Addressing food and health security, ongoing SAR operations

May 2 – Addressing food and health security, ongoing SAR operations

May 1 – Distributing emergency relief items, arrival of medical team

April 30 – Continuing assessment, search and rescue in Sindupalchowk

April 28 – A-PAD team arrives in Kathmandu, begins emergency activities

April 27 – A-PAD deploys emergency response team to Nepal