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【A-PAD Sri Lanka】Latest COVID-19 Response Activities

Updates from Sri Lanka

【A-PAD Sri Lanka】Latest COVID-19 Response Activities


Since the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Sri Lanka in January, A-PAD Sri Lanka has been vigilant in its response including the provision of supplies and raising awareness on preventative measures. As the pandemic continues to develop, A-PAD Sri Lanka and our partners are aiding Sri Lankans in the struggle to return to normalcy.

A-PAD and the People of Japan Support Sri Lanka in COVID-19 Resistance Efforts

Complementing the relief efforts of Sri Lanka in combatting COVID-19, the principals of A-PAD in Japan came forward to extend support for frontline workers as well as officials who are working tirelessly at the forefront. The benevolent gesture was channeled through the A-PAD Sri Lankan platform, providing hands-free sanitizer dispensers along with liquid sanitizer bottles, handy pocket sanitizers, Knapsack Power Sprayer machines, and reusable face masks. This assistance has encouraged the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector to restart or continue their businesses even amidst interruptions.

A-PAD Sri Lanka is grateful to its principals in Japan and the People of Japan for reaching out in ensuring that the pandemic does not stall the country’s progress towards resilience.

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 Mr. Firzan Hashim, Country Director of A-PAD SL, handing over the hands-free sanitizer stands and liquid bottles to Major General Sudantha Ranasinghe, DG of DMC in the presence of other DMC senior officials

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Customized handy pocket sanitizers and masks – a new innovation in Sri Lanka

 Sri Lanka Prepares for General Elections Amidst COVID-19

National Policy Formulation for Election Emergencies

Sri Lanka will be holding its general elections on the 5th of August 2020, and on this day 16,263,885 eligible voters will cast their votes island-wide. Recognizing the significance of emergency preparedness including the present COVID-19 situation as well as the monsoon season, A-PAD Sri Lanka supported the Disaster Management Center (DMC) and the Election Commission of Sri Lanka (ECoSL) in formulating “Right to Vote Amidst Disasters”. This national document encompasses guidelines and operational plans in conducting elections during intersecting disasters. Protecting voters from potential disasters and the pandemic while they exercise their right to vote is of utmost importance. A special operations unit, Joint Election Emergencies Operation Unit (JEEOps), will be activated during the election period.

The document was handed over to the Election Commissioner and thereafter distributed among all national and local level authorities in executing their relevant duties.

A word of gratitude to our principals in Japan and the People of Japan for being a constant pillar of support to the Sri Lankan platform in initiating and carrying out activities and institutionalizing Disaster Risk Reduction/Management and resilience.

The “Right to Vote Amidst Disasters” document can be viewed at –

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Reviving Education to Schools in Sri Lanka Sans Digitization During COVID-19 Outbreak

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak prompted the Government of Sri Lanka to enforce a lockdown including a curfew, bringing the country to a standstill with only medical and essential services fully functional. While the general public and business sector were faced with many disruptions, the education sector saw a prolonged effect. While urban Sri Lankan children progressed into digital education methods, rural areas of the country remained at home with no alternative access to education other than traditional forms such as going to school or extra classes. Joining force with A-PAD Sri Lanka, HSBC committed to support early recovery in getting children back to schools and reviving education facilities for uninterrupted schooling.

Over 3,000 children preparing for national exams, i.e. Grade 05 Scholarships, G.C.E Ordinary Level & G.C.E Advanced Level were supported through this program via 10 years’ worth of past paper packets.

Education and child-centric programs were initiated by A-PAD Sri Lanka with the support of its Japanese counterparts, the Japanese people and the Embassy of Japan in Sri Lanka, and thereafter embraced by the local private sector.

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