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【A-PAD Sri Lanka/COVID-19】Infrastructure Assistance for Emergency Hotline

Updates from Sri Lanka

【A-PAD Sri Lanka/COVID-19】Infrastructure Assistance for Emergency Hotline


A-PAD Sri Lanka has taken the lead role in bringing together key players from different sectors and providing prompt assistance during disasters. As a prime information hub, A-PAD Sri Lanka is providing the latest information about COVID-19 and preventative measures to its member organizations and communities. Those updates are also shared on Facebook:

In Sri Lanka, the government set up a 24-hour call center to provide emergency response and medical students are volunteering to take calls. A-PAD Sri Lanka provided infrastructure assistance when the center was opened. The Epidemiology Unit of the Ministry of Health provides a daily update on COVID-19 cases and alerts the public to take precautions:

At the beginning of the outbreak in January, A-PAD Sri Lanka partnered with HSBC Hong Kong, the Red Cross, and Aitken Spence Cargo and delivered 2,240 masks to Wuhan, China. Although the means of transportation were limited, the masks were delivered to the Wuhan Community Hospital on January 20.  The hospital immediately distributed the supplies to the affected people in Wuhan.

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