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【A-PAD Bangladesh/COVID-19】 COVID-19 Risk Reduction Activities

Updates from Bangladesh

【A-PAD Bangladesh/COVID-19】 COVID-19 Risk Reduction Activities


Community Initiative Society (CIS), a partner of A-PAD Bangladesh, is implementing a COVID-19 risk reduction awareness program in seven districts between June to November 2021.


In Bangladesh, many vulnerable people have lost their jobs due to lockdowns and are unable to purchase masks and soap to maintain proper hygiene. CIS is reaching out to those communities and raising prevention awareness. Activities to date include:

・ Provision of hygiene supplies (15,000 masks, 1,400 pairs of gloves, 12,000 soaps, hand sanitizers) and infection prevention leaflets.

・ Awareness activities (posters, banners, public announcements, home visits)

・ Vaccine promotion for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers

・ Hand washing and hygiene promotion for children

・ Awareness activity targeting essential workers in close contact with others (i.e. day laborers, rickshaw drivers) and persons with disabilities

・ Nutrition education for the elderly and high-risk populations



Many beneficiaries are showing interest in vaccinations after participating in the activities. Good hygiene awareness is improving in rural communities where masking and frequent hand washing were not practiced previously. In cities, CIS is encouraging people to maintain social distancing and to wear masks.