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【A-PAD Bangladesh/COVID-19】Public Health Campaign Launched

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【A-PAD Bangladesh/COVID-19】Public Health Campaign Launched


As COVID-19 continued to spread around the world, Bangladeshi migrant workers from affected countries such as Saudi Arabia, Italy, and China rushed home to Bangladesh for safety. It was no surprise when the first three COVID-19 patients were identified as having returned from Italy.

Recently, the Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control, and Research (IEDCR) declared four more confirmed cases bringing the current total to 39 with 712 having been tested, and an additional 2,313 quarantined at their homes. Four people have died from the virus.

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A-PAD Bangladesh, together with partner organizations Dhaka Community Hospital Trust (DCHT) and the Community Initiative Society (CIS), launched a series of initiatives to raise awareness about the virus. As the first confirmed case was detected in Sylhet Division, A-PAD and DCHT began the public health campaign by holding a community meeting in Habiganj, Sylhet Division. Habiganj is particularly at risk due to a high percentage of returned migrant workers residing there. At the meetings, local residents were given information about the coronavirus including preventative methods.

To raise health awareness, CIS installed banners with information such as symptoms and preventative methods at different gathering points around the community. CIS also printed and more than 50,000 leaflets in 7 divisions to raise awareness and inform people about several handwashing zones established in different areas of Bangladesh. Additionally, CIS conducted one training session in 6 different divisions and 5 sessions in Dhaka. The training session included: 1) showing proper hygiene and hand sanitization through a video; 2) preventative methods such as encouraging social distancing, keeping clothes and living areas clean, and using face masks outdoors; and 3) advising against travel, particularly international travel.

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A-PAD Bangladesh is committed to helping local communities by raising awareness about COVID-19 and related preventative methods. To support our organization, please share our activities with friends and family and donate to our cause.